Worship songs close Sudan church


Tony Davenport | vision.org.au

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Photo: Claudiovidri / Shutterstock.com

Two Christian leaders in Sudan have been arrested following a complaint about their church’s worship songs.

The pastor and the evangelist were in the middle of a Bible study at a Baptist church in the city of Omdurman when police arrested them.

The Christian Post reports that their arrests were prompted by a Muslim neighbor who lives close enough to the church to hear the chanting.

When he heard his own children singing the worship songs, he feared that they might convert to Christianity, so he filed a complaint with the police.

A court charged the couple with disturbing public order and ordered the closure of their church.

The leaders have been released on bail, but if convicted they could be jailed for up to three months.

In a statement on a website regarding the persecution of Christians in Sudan, the advocacy organization US Open Doors states:

“Since the 2019 coup that overthrew Omar al-Bashir, who ruled Sudan for 30 years, the situation for Sudanese Christians has improved somewhat.

“The government has changed its policy of viewing Christians as enemies and agents of the West. However, social attitudes towards Christians have not changed and society is still predominantly Muslim and suspicious of any other religion.

“The government has not put in place real protections for Christians and other religious minorities. Even with the change in official status, the confiscated churches and lands have yet to be returned to their Christian owners. Trying to build new churches is extremely difficult.


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