When will Betsy DeVos leave? She wants to abolish the education department she once ran


The three-day “Moms for Liberty” summit was designed to teach and prepare attendees on how to stack local school boards with conservatives.

Tiffany Justice co-founded the Florida-based organization during the COVID-19 pandemic to fight face masks in schools. The group also focused on ways to combat “gender ideology in our schools,” “social and emotional learning,” and “restorative justice,” according to the Florida Phoenix, which further reports that the Justice has called teachers’ unions “K-12 cartels.” .”

Back to DeVos: She’s a longtime proponent of “privatized education, in Christian schools if possible,” and as Daily Kos writer Laura Clawson wrote in 2020, She will never be forgotten for her Education Freedom Scholarships, which spearheaded voucher programs.

DeVos is also deeply involved in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ re-election campaign. According to Salon, she gave the fascist governor half a million dollars in contributions. It’s no wonder, then, that many DeSantis initiatives mimic DeVos ideologies, such as develop school vouchers, ban critical race theoryand instituting a “Don’t Say Gay” Billi.e. limiting LGBTQ discussions in classrooms.

DeSantis even started Endorse Conservative School Board Candidates.

According to Axios, groups such as The 1776 Project, “the first national PAC specifically launched to spur contestants from school boards opposed to the CRT,” and Moms for Liberty are deeply involved in school board competitions. Project 1776 founder Ryan Girdusky told Axios that PAC plans to spend about $300,000 on state school board races this year.

Florida Republican Vice Chairman Christian Ziegler says Politico, “People are frustrated with the status quo in these school boards,” and when it comes to school board elections, he added, “the payback is coming in August.” Ziegler’s wife, Bridget, is running to keep her seat on the Sarasota County School Board and has already been endorsed by DeSantis.


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