Watch Christian Film Industry Creators Send ‘Faith-Based’ Comments Read Nasty Comments


In the spring of 2019, The Hollywood Reporter written about a new film that will satirize the Christian film industry by focusing on “two dumb friends who realize that all religious movies bring in ‘buckets of money’ and then set about making such a movie.”

Almost immediately, the mere mention of the concept drew the ire of Fox News. The network brought Dan Gainor of the “Center for Media Research”. Things got very personal, very quickly. Gainor said, “I’m always amazed at how wannabe Hollywood hacks really are. But they operate in an anti-conservative, anti-Christian industry. It is therefore essential to target believers if they want to break through. As for the movie itself, few people will see it or care. This is just one more example of how American media culture targets Christians as its favorite villains. People with morals, ethics and faith terrify Hollywood which has none of that.

Luke Barnett, who wrote and starred in the film, however, told RELEVANT at the time, “I wear FOX News’ hate on a movie they know nothing about with a badge of honor. ‘was a Onion piece at the beginning. based on faith is an incredibly personal story for Vince and me. I grew up in the church, my dad is a pastor, and Vince is still incredibly active in his church community. I can’t wait for people to see this movie. It’s not a movie that makes fun of people who have faith, it’s a commentary on supporting something blindly.

Director Vincent Masciale added, “What the Fox News article did was paint a negative light on the content of our film and the people behind it without getting any context or facts. This is not how we think conversations about sensitive topics should be handled. We are really happy to do based on faith and explore some of the themes of the story and hopefully this film will give audiences of all backgrounds a good excuse to have honest conversations about faith, religion, and what they may or may not believe. (You can read their full comments here.)

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Now, instead of releasing a trailer, the duo have found another equally fun way to promote the film: by reading comments from internet users, not all of whom have seen the film.



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