Waiting for New Music Songs on Trains – Times Square Chronicles


Working Theatre, Radical Evolution and New Ohio Theater are proud to present the world premiere of songs about trains, a musical exploration of the many cultural communities that have built the American railroad system. This theatrical concert dives headfirst into conversations about immigration, labor and Manifest Destiny. Created by a multicultural cohort of artists, songs about trains questions the complexity of progress while celebrating the diverse communities that helped create the United States as we know it today. The production runs April 5-23, 2022 at the New Ohio Theater with a scheduled opening April 10.

Through a collection of 21 folk songs from various cultures and imaginary letters from those whose stories have been lost to history, songs about trains highlights how this pivotal moment in United States history helped forge a global superpower, generated incredible wealth for a select few, and did so at the expense of thousands of lives, while inspiring one of the musical canons deepest ever created in this country. This theatrical concert questions the complexity of progress while

This show celebrates the Chinese, Irish, Mexican, African American, Appalachian, and Navajo immigrant communities who helped create the United States as we know it today.


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