Top New Songs 2022: feat Semler, Jenny Kern, Naciya and others


Our list of the best new songs 2022 includes an indie-pop celebration of queer love, a funky ode and a religious anthem the world needs. Below are Now Entertainment’s top picks for 2022 on new songs.

Top New Songs 2022

  • Do not tell anyone‘ from Semler

Grace Baldridge, aka Semler, is a talented singer and social artist. Looking at music art from a gender-neutral perspective, Semler released her debut rock EP ‘things that matter‘ in 2017.

Known for reaching No. 1 on the iTunes Christian Music Charts, Baldridge questions aspects of Christian culture as it relates to the LGBTQIA+ community. Semler’s new 5 track projectThe stages of a breakdown‘, is an exceptional, honest and remarkable mixtape. Listen to the second song ‘Do not tell anyone‘:

  • G n T‘ by Lucid Kidd

Martynas Cepas, known professionally as Lucid Kidd, is a Lithuanian rapper and singer. Born and raised in Vilnius, Lucid’s affection for music began to develop when he was 10 years old. In the middle of the guitar sessions, his brother made mention of ‘Look at me!‘ lo-fi track.

In 2018 young Martynas started composing music. As a result, Kidd debuted a soothing piece of r&b’Babe‘ one year later. With this, he is now fit to bring his music to the world. Below is the official video of ‘G n T‘:

  • Feel it again‘ by Jenny Kern

Jenny Kern is a Canadian-born singer and songwriter residing in Brooklyn, New York. Known for her catchy vocals, Kern rose to prominence with the release of her debut single ‘Slow burning‘. In March 2021, Now Entertainment reviewed Jenny’s pop recording ‘Course‘ – a song inspired by inner thoughts and loneliness.

Taking some notes on his last ‘Feel it again‘, the 3-minute content essentially deals with the uncertainties related to the management of emotions. Production credits include Carson Cody and herself. Insight:

Lillian Blue Makin is a 20-year-old hip hop artist from the country of the “Great White North”, Canada. The rising musician has arrived in 2020 with her first singles’6 foot drop‘ and ‘Cover under comfort‘. Blue Makin showcases their distinctive take on pop music, while delivering dreamy vocals with lyrics.

never stop growing‘ being an alternative rap single, emphasizes universal vocation, exploration and maturity. Credits include: Kieran Cousins ​​(mixing engineer and producer) and Mike Marra (master).

tucker wright, under the nickname Tucker Nichol, is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, creating breathtaking rhythm and blues sounds. His unique approach to the genre respects the classic feel of R&B, appealing to fans of both new and old school. Tucker, who was crowned Miss Tennessee USA in 2010, is no new to the limelight.

In her artistic creation, she composes through a trauma-informed lens to connect with fans going through a similar struggle. ‘On the edge‘ is the second title of his next album ‘too close to home‘. It depicts difficult themes like emotions and abuse.

Naciya Ilori-Grant is a British singer raised in North West London. In January 2021, she unveils her intro single ‘your loss‘. Months later, Ilori-Grant’s workWasted time‘ was announced – showing her ability to create and record a logical tale while captivating her audience

With the help of BBC1xtra, her voice and artwork have been compared to artists such as Summer Walker, Monica and Mona Lisa. This independent musical act surely has a bright future ahead of it. To verify ‘So good‘:

Star Eh Htoo is a Burmese singer and songwriter born in a refugee camp in Thailand. Star2 at a young age, learned about music from his musician uncle. Influenced by Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Luh Kel, Htoo’s musical concepts are based on love and heartbreak.

Star2 is a rising musician with a compelling solemn tone and an extensive connection to his origin that permeates his music. Watch the accompanied visual in 8K:

Orrin Campbell is a Los Angles-based collective that makes cyborg hip hop music. Orrin speaks using “we”, not “I”; a particular element of their identity that fans gravitated towards. Brought to light by millions via a sequence of viral clips derived from an episode of The Dr. Phil Show, Campbell hooked many viewers.

My fault‘ is a coming-of-age track driven by its current tour in Germany’s capital, Berlin. Watch:

Jet Jürgensmeyer is an American actor and singer from Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout his career he starred in films such as ‘American sniper‘ and ‘devil’s knot‘. In 2016, Jurgensmeyer also appeared in a Walt Disney film – ‘Adventures in childcare‘. A year later, he voiced the character of Peyton Manning’s young version, Guapo, in Blue Sky Studios’ presentation. Fernando.

Jet’s opening song for the year 2022′talk to god‘, is a hymn of confidence that the earth needs. Credits: Butch Baker (producer),

Austin Dean Ashford is interdisciplinary Bay Area with a powerful cult following and impressive skill in live performances. After peaking at #87 in the US and #24 in New Zealand on the iTunes charts, Ashford landed a Latin Grammy nomination with Diana Burco on ‘Rio Abajo‘.

Austin Dean cites the likes of Anderson .Paak, Lizzo, Childish Gambino and OutKast; as influences in his musical profession. Off his extended 7-track set’Durags & Bonnets‘, ‘phrea lunch‘ completes our list of the best new songs 2022. This song was created using a ukulele, with Austin rapping and beatboxing.


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