Top 10 Metal Songs That Perfectly Describe An Anime / Cartoon Character


Many great animes and cartoons have amazing opening themes. Many characters on these shows are also associated with songs because of YouTubers making AMV videos. Many of these songs are metal, with Skillet and My Chemical Romance being among the most popular artists used. This list has ten amazing songs that could work in this role. However, each artist on this list is only allowed one appearance, and the same is true for every character and show. Songs can represent the show itself, or a genre, as well as multiple characters.

10. Paranoid – Black Sabbath (Total Drama Island)

Trent and Gwen seemed like an obvious couple to many on Total Drama Island. The groundbreaking original show was a success and the two characters ended up dating. Trent became obsessed, however. It became madness. As a result, they broke up when Trent made Gwen and everyone else paranoid. Yes, that’s a bit of a stretch, but if I can add Black Sabbath to a list, even for a technicality, shouldn’t I?

9. Southtown – POD (Black Lagoon)

If you’ve ever seen Black Lagoon, you know where the “heroes” of the story live. Crime is rampant, murder is rarely shocking, and it looks like by the end of the series no one leaves the place unscathed. Southtown is a place with a lot of crime where kids don’t play. The streets are dangerous and you have to keep everything you love close to you and pray for it day in and day out. Praying to God just to survive matches the vibe of the anime. This perfectly describes the setting of the story and the personal turmoil of many characters.

8. Crazy Train – Ozzy Ozbourne (Naruto)

Naruto lives in a crazy world. The young protagonist also worked hard for peace with Sasuke. Originally, this now-familiar cultural icon was an outcast, akin to Ozzy’s departure from Black Sabbath. Despite things that often go wrong for Naruto, the hero has maintained a positive belief throughout. I also had to include this ridiculous solo! It’s a message of love and peace in a divided world, familiar to Naruto. This also applies to the world today.

7. I hate everything about you – Three Days Grace (Konosuba)

That sums up the entire relationship between Kazuma and Aqua. They hate each other but are best friends. They are absolutely unreliable but depend on each other. They genuinely care about each other and believe in each other when it matters most. These two went to hell, both accidentally and intentionally. They laugh and torture each other. But why do they love each other?

6. My Immortal – Evanescence (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Colonel Hughes suffered one of the most tragic deaths in anime. The Colonel’s passing revealed just how dark the spectacle can get. The disappearance of Hughes as well as the brutal offensive of Nina and Alexander serve as loss of innocence in the series. My Immortal can indicate Hughes ‘kindness and the realization of Maes’ departure. The heartbreaking funeral scene only adds to that.

5. My last words – Megadeth (Kakegurui)

Yumeko Jabami being a player, that makes perfect sense. The song is literally about playing Russian Roulette! It’s intense and energetic like the anime. Music and character go hand in hand with taking risks. Yumeko can play with confidence. Yumeko’s willingness to take on high stakes is one of the anime’s most defining traits. It’s a wild and crazy combination full of fun. This adrenaline rush had to be on the list.

4. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance (Batman)

Imagine the pressure exerted on you by a parent, whether it is through their inheritance, their words or their passing away. Bruce Wayne being orphaned gave the young billionaire a new outlook on life and death. It made Bruce’s world dark. The vigilante has become a hero for the broken. Whenever anything happened, Batman had to keep going, no matter the pain, trauma, and loss. Death was also still around the corner. Scary, yet beautiful and artistic with an acceptance of death, but a will to fight to the bitter end describes both. The Singer, Gerard Way is also a comic book writer, creating Umbrella Academy. It just seems like a natural fit. It is time for this list to continue.

3. Caught in the Middle – Stryper (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Banished Prince Zuko has been through a lot throughout the series. Zuko’s story helped make Avatar: The Last Airbender one of the most captivating American animated series of all time. Zuko has always done what the young prince believed he would best help the Fire Nation, including denouncing a general. Ultimately, the prince’s spiritual and emotional struggle with his personal beliefs against good and evil forced a decision. In this song, Stryper does the same with lyrics referring to you not knowing what you believe in. It is an inner spiritual and emotional struggle, which the group had at the time. Being a Christian metal band, they were openly persecuted on television by televangelists to the point of releasing an album as a major for televangelists and fanatics who literally blew them up with megaphones. In the end, Stryper and Zuko both regained their honor.

2. Holy Diver – Dio (90% of Isekai Anime)

For most of the entries in this list, there are one or two characters that apply to this. Holy Diver is an exception. If you’ve ever watched an Isekai, the premise of the song should be very familiar to you. A hero goes to another world and saves the world from great evil. There are also a lot of medieval imagery in most of the isekai anime, as well as in the clip. In fact, Dio is widely credited with being the first major artist to popularize medieval metal imagery! Holy Diver applies to many great shows. Just imagine the main hero going through his long and tiring journey and then fighting an enemy, like in the clip. If I wanted a single to describe the isekai anime, this would be the song that came to mind.

1. Monster- Skillet (Any show or comic with a good story versus evil)

We can all think of a show where a hero becomes a villain, or someone has a dangerous power that they can’t control. It ranges from Hulk to Sasuke, from Jekyll and Hyde to Light Yagami. Evil has consumed many great heroes in cinema and literature. This song is about being helpless in the face of the nature of sin, and how we cannot overcome it on our own. The song is about needing Jesus to overcome personal demons. Those characters that match the song can’t save themselves either. The single is one of the most popular for animated music videos and is triple platinum in the United States. Countless cartoons and animes can use it for an opening or a character theme. It makes sense that a song with over 3 billion worldwide audio plays ends up on this list. It takes the top spot because anyone who watches cartoons and cartoons can think of at least one character that this song describes perfectly.

Article written by John Ward


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