Tomorrow’s Education, the first European startup to launch a university


Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences aims to educate future generations to create solutions for a more sustainable society, with a focus on impact and common wealth.

Learners have access to cutting-edge research alongside mentors from organizations like Apple, Google, Share, and Delivery Hero and can fund their courses through future work.

“Today’s learners care about sustainability – they are the engines of change tomorrow”

It will enable learners to acquire ’21st century skills’ in sustainability, entrepreneurship and technology through online and real-world learning, and offers flexible learning, anywhere in the world, on the subject. basis of its new platform.

ToU said it is using the European startup and innovation scene to help the business leaders of tomorrow create a more sustainable society through “creativity, courage and entrepreneurship”.

“The next generation of leaders don’t want to work for companies that pollute the environment. Companies that are not carbon neutral will find it difficult to attract talent, ”said Christian Rebernik, co-founder of ToU.

“Today’s learners care about sustainability – they are the engines of change tomorrow. However, Studies show that many traditional universities do not respond quickly and effectively enough.

” We launched Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences to help people create a more sustainable society – on a platform that meets their needs. We are the first organization to combine this modern way of learning with a focus on sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship.

The courses will be open to students all over the world and will be based on its newly developed platform. The new university will replace traditional courses with challenge-based learning and ‘skill-defined personalization’.

“The data-driven learning platform allows learners to define what they want to accomplish before starting their course. Knowledge is acquired in a modern, learner-paced, active learning format through interactive sessions, lasting approximately 15 minutes, ”the university said in a statement.

Accredited bachelor’s programs are designed for six semesters and delivered in English. Places in each program are limited to 25 students.

Programs cost € 550 per month, which can be funded by cryptocurrency and future work, while substantial scholarships are available.

“Tomorrow, the University of Applied Sciences is designed to live up to and improve upon the original founding ideals of the greatest of all European universities – ideals which have sadly been abandoned by some of these same institutions,” said the co-founder of ToU, Thomas Funke.

“We want to rectify this by continually challenging ourselves to go further, inspiring our learners to accomplish more, and possibly inspiring others to follow our example.

“By coupling intellectual development with experiential learning, our platform is designed to develop learner skills – the core of what learners need to solve the greatest challenges of our time – through a program and challenge-based experience based on decades of scientific research into learning effectiveness, ”added Funke.

“As the skills need of the 21st century evolves rapidly, universities around the world are failing to keep pace with the need.”

The startup is supported by Emerging education, a European seed fund investing in founders solving what it calls the “$ 8.5 billion skills gap”.

“As the skills need of the 21st century evolves rapidly, universities around the world are failing to keep pace with the need,” said Mario Barosevcic of Emerge Education.

“At the same time, online education is no longer seen as optional, but rather as the only way forward and the best way to meet the growing need for affordable access to a rapidly growing global student population.

“The University of Tomorrow is at the forefront of this change: a digital, engaging and immersive student-centered learning experience and a global network of world-class mentors help build future skills and a genuine entrepreneurship necessary to create a better and more sustainable future. ”

In addition to offering distance learning, the university said it would allow students to gain work experience or travel the world, in addition to studying. It also partners with other institutions to offer courses.

ToU has a partnership with WU Executive Academy in Vienna, and jointly offers a Professional Master in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

“I am amazed at how our innovations in content, configuration and delivery resonate with our exceptional students,” said Barbara stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy.

“It’s wonderful to see how an exceptional group of professionals from all walks of life, very diverse in their professional, cultural and educational backgrounds, can thus advance their great ideas on how to meet the great challenges of society. I’m really excited to see that ToU will make this possible for its undergraduates as well – and we’re happy to help, ”added Stöttinger.


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