The 5 best Christian songs on Billboard this week

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The 90s saw a peak in the Christian music industry. With artists like DC Talk, The Newsboys, Amy Grant, and Michael W. Smith releasing major albums, it was hard not to like the direction the industry was taking. In recent years, Christian music has started to turn more and more towards the cult genre with groups like Hillsong and Elevation Worship increasingly popular. However, it seems there are more artists making music that are true to themselves rather than what’s popular right now. “What I’m happy to see come out are more and more independent artists who are above all simple artists. They try to make music that is true to their art and not so much to a particular genre or culture, ”comments Danara Moore, professor at the University of Greenville. Here are the top 5 Christian songs of this week according to Billboard.

5. Number 5 is “Famous For (I Believe)” by Tauren Wells with Jenn Johnson. Tauren Gabriel Wells is an American Christian rock and pop artist and cult leader at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Wells is also known for his popular song “Known”. “Famous For (I Believe)” was released on January 10, 2020, and it is the second single from their second studio album Citizen of Heaven. This song has been on the Billboard charts for 41 weeks now.

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4. Next on the list is “The Blessing: Live” by Kari Jobe with Cody Carnes. This chart-topping song was accompanied by Jobe’s entire live album, released in October of this year. This is Jobe’s first new album in three years, and in a comment to, she says, “I’ve been putting my whole heart into this album for over two years, asking God what he wants. the church sings and declares – having no idea what this year would bring to the world. In a season where fear is trying to steal the world’s attention, I believe these songs carry the overcoming power of Jesus’ truth and hope. Everything in our world seems to change, but God hasn’t and never will. This song has been on the charts for 32 weeks.

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3. Number 3 is “Who You Are to Me” by Chris Tomlin with Lady A. Chris Tomlin is an American singer / songwriter of contemporary Christian music who has sold over 7 million records. Other notable Tomlin songs include “How Great is Our God”, “Good, Good Father” and “Our God”. “Who You Are to Me” is part of Tomlin’s latest album titled Christ Tomlin and his friends. This album features thirteen tracks and features some of country music’s biggest stars, such as Brett Young, Thomas Rhett, and Florida Georgia Line. “Who You Are to Me” has been in the charts for 18 weeks.

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2. Coming up next is “There was Jesus. This song by Zach Williams, American Christian rock artist and country music icon, Dolly Parton, was released in October 2019 and has been topping the charts for 42 weeks now. Williams commented: “So ‘There Was Jesus’ is a song that is all about reflection. I look back 20 years ago where I had no idea that God was in the moment, that He was even with me through some of the things that I had in my life. Looking back now, I can see he had his hand in everything I did. He was creating a way and honestly allowing me to have some of those experiences. ”

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1. Finally, the number 1 song to the top of the charts is “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. Lauren Daigle’s album Find a child, which featured “You Say”, took not only the Christian music industry but also the secular music industry by storm when it was released in 2018. With Daigle’s unique voice and catchy songs, it’s hard not to like his music. “You Say” has been on the charts for 121 weeks and has been number 1 for 109 weeks. “You Say” was broadcast on Christian and secular radio stations and quickly gained popularity. “The production values ​​on Christian songs always sound a certain way. Lauren Daigle isn’t that and that’s what I like about her. ‘You say?’ I love this song. I love it. I think it’s fantastic. I think there are things in this song that are really universal. And that’s one of the hallmarks of a song, it’s something that’s universal enough to connect with people, ”Moore comments on Lauren Daigle. She continues, “Even melodically, you have a great hook and you have lyrics that can be interpreted in different ways. So it is not entirely this idea that it is a Christian song and that it must mention Jesus nine times. She speaks clearly of Jesus; However, there are many ways you can interpret it and people can kind of fit it into their lives. Daigle’s first album, How can it be, was released in 2015 and his most recent album, Find a child, debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200. Her album was the highest-ranked Christian album of the year as well as the best-selling by a Christian artist in over 20 years. Daigle also released a Christmas album titled See in 2016, it’s a great soundtrack for the holidays.

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