The 10 best Christian songs on Billboard


These are the most popular songs of praise and worship during Lent 2019.

Christian music as a genre has become more popular than ever, with a plethora of artists performing songs of faith in a rich variety of styles. Naturally, when a genre grows enough, Billboard will be there to quantify its popularity with its reliable rankings.

Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs have been around for a while, but Easter is a popular time for Christian artists to release new tracks, so it’s likely we’ll have a whole new lineup of great tracks soon. Now, before any new releases, we thought it was relevant to take a look at the most popular songs throughout this Lent season.

Each of the trails on the list has had a long run to the top and had been on the board since before Lent began. Some of these songs were so popular that they remained on the list for over 20 weeks. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Billboard’s Top 10 Best Christian Songs!

10 – “Resurrection” – Elevation worship

Elevation Worship is a fairly large group with quite a few floating members. Originally, they formed the house band of Elevation Church, North Carolina, but they grew large enough to fill venues around the world. Their song “Resurrecting” has remained at # 10 for the past 34 weeks.

9 – “Red letters” – Crowd

Crowder is a talented multi-instrumentalist who is at home in front of a microphone, behind a piano, with a guitar and even a banjo. The title “Red Letters” refers to the popular practice of highlighting the words of Christ in red when they appear in the Gospels. Crowder’s hit song stayed at No.9 for 27 weeks.

8 – “Maybe it’s okay” – We are messengers

One of the most recent bands on the list, We Are Messengers are an Irish cult band from Monaghan, which reunited in 2015. The band had five songs that hit the Billboard charts, the most successful of which was is “Maybe It’s OK”, which has maintained its leading position of # 8 for 20 weeks.


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