Students Help Fill Staff Shortages at Jefferson County Schools | Education


Janitorial duties include vacuuming, wiping desks and other surfaces, and sweeping or cleaning classroom and office floors. School bus drivers received the same offer to add on-call duties after their shifts, according to SLPS spokesperson George Sells.

The district would prefer to hire additional guards, Sells said, but is offering current guards double time for overtime.

The executive board of the American Federation of Teachers Local 420 approved the district’s proposal because the full-time custodians, who are part of the Laborers’ Local 42 union, have a clause in their contract allowing the hiring of temporary workers. in the event of a staff shortage. The district of 19,000 students has more than 120 vacancies for uncertified support staff.

“This is a situation where all stakeholders are on deck, and yes, we are offering all eligible employees the opportunity to take on additional duties for additional pay,” Sells said. “Like all other businesses, we are grappling with a labor shortage. We have to be creative.

The hourly rate of pay for day care teachers is about double what guards earn, according to Ray Cummings, president of the local teachers’ union.

A number of teachers accepted his offer, but no official tally was available on Wednesday.


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