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Sony Music Ph Creates New Christian Music Sub-Label

By Isabelle Lerma

Morisette Amon

What does the Filipino music scene need right now?

This is the question that was asked before the creation of Waterwalk Records. While Christian music isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, Sony Music Philippines’ new sub-label aims to give praise songs a new reputation.

Data showed that consumption of Christian music has increased since 2017, which inspired the local Sony Music team to form the collective. The society’s common search for hope, love, and grace is what has served as the driving force to produce this type of music in the mainstream.

“In the Philippines, Christian music emerges from everyday life and is a reflection of the country’s rich culture,” says Roslyn Pineda, Managing Director of Sony Music Philippines. “Pop music inspired by Christian melodies has arguably created some of the most interesting music of recent years …”

Breaking down boundaries by incorporating a variety of contemporary musical styles into prayer songs is the label’s goal. Waterwalk’s mission is to serve as a hub for Christian music in Southeast Asia, where artists signed and not on the label are able to integrate religion and musical art.

Waterwalk’s mission is to serve as a hub for Christian music in Southeast Asia, where artists signed and not on the label are able to integrate religion and musical art.

To officially launch the new label, her first single “Waterwalk” by Morisette was released on October 28th. “I am delighted to be part of the new Christian label Sony Music and to be able to share and sing the word of God and all of his great works,” says the 25-year-old singer-songwriter. A few days later, the next single from their upcoming album, a collaboration between Christian cult band Gloryfall and singer-songwriter Hazel Faith, titled “Mapayapa”, was released to the public. The joint project of SB19 artists Jericho Arceo and Stell was also teased, which is definitely something to watch out for. The remaining 10 titles should be released before the end of the year.

The remainder of the artist lineup for the release of Waterwalk Records’ debut album consists of Christian lo-fi music artist Darla Baltazar, Victory cult leader and singer-songwriter Lee Simon Brown, of the PhilPop nominee Cola Cabalcar, Davao City cult leader Kent Charcos, Janine Danielle who worked with Moira Dela Torre and her husband on her trail, Nathan Huang from Mercury, Pastor Pangasinan Cherise Katriel and 19-year-old twins Sam and Steff.

This would be the musical debut of the majority of these artists, whether in the industry itself or in the Christian music niche. Anyway, everyone expressed how unforgettable and transcendent this experience was. On the label launch day, each artist explained the divine opportunity of how the opportunity presented itself to them. Everything just seemed to fall into place, and Sony Music Philippines has managed to put together this fine group of the most perfect people for the job.

The future looks bright and colorful for the Christian music scene with Waterwalk Records taking to the stage. With the wide range of song genres and lyrics written in several local languages ​​and dialects, the label is sure to turn heads on releases. The Sony Music Philippines team is eagerly awaiting what this unique and very promising OPM label has in store.




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