RTL Today – CSV national congress: Opposition castigates government over Ukraine, education, inflation


Members of the CSV (Christian Social People’s Party) criticized the government at the party’s National Congress in Ettelbruck on Saturday.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel’s phone calls with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn’s statement that the Russian leader should be “physically eliminated” have drawn particular criticism. “In normal times, it would just have been embarrassing but at times like this, it’s dramatic for our country,” said co-chairman Claude Wiseler.

Meanwhile, CSV MP Martine Hansen has focused her criticism on the government’s education policies. The MEP underlined that the CSV is against increasing the number of European schools in Luxembourg and would prefer to improve public schools instead. However, Hansen continued, the willingness to engage in dialogue is “a skill that Education Minister Claude Meisch does not possess”.

Regarding the current tripartite, Gilles Roth, co-president of the CSV parliamentary group, said that while the party welcomes the meeting of the social partners, the CSV believes that the tax burden on the middle classes must be reduced due to the current level. of inflation. For this reason, the CSV calls for tax rates to be adjusted to inflation. Luxembourg’s largest opposition party has also criticized the government for its housing and health policies.

Members of the CSV party elected Elisabeth Margue co-president and Stéphanie Weydert co-secretary general.

In her speech to party members, Margue stressed that CSV should once again focus on policies and give itself a clear line.

Margue also touched on the vaccine mandate, the housing crisis and the fight against climate change, adding that the latter “must not come at the expense of the economy”. Margue obtained 185 votes out of 214 and was thus elected new co-president of the party, while Weydert obtained 194 to become co-secretary general.

In his opening speech, co-president Claude Wiseler looked back on the past year and underlined that “some things could have been done better”. In this context, Wiseler also addressed the “Frëndeskrees affair”, which “left traces on the party”. Georges Pierret, one of the defendants at the trial, also returned to the controversy and warned that the party should now “air its dirty laundry internally”, especially in view of the next elections.

Joint Secretary General Christophe Hansen spoke about the cornerstones of the party’s program. The CSV continues to demand the introduction of a vaccination mandate. In the field of energy supply, the party demands Luxembourg’s independence from Russian gas and climate neutrality by 2050. The CSV has decided to consider June 11, 2022 as the kick-off official for the 2023 election year.


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