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Rihanna, at first glance, worked slowly but meticulously on her Reggae inspired / infused R9 album, doing things at her own pace and in her own way, firmly holding onto the statement she made two years ago, that she would go at her own pace and not be in a hurry.

Over the past few days, several tweets have surfaced on the Umbrella the singer’s recording of four new tracks.

A check with BMI, Rihanna’s music publisher, reveals entry for Mom told me, a song is co-written and composed by herself, Christian Keyon Jr. Boggs (who worked with Rihanna on Good night Gotham) and Travis Darelle “Teddy” Walton (known for his tracks with Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Bryson Tiller). Another new song Bluff, at BMI was written and composed by herself, Justin Asilo, Jonathan Birkner, Christian Keyon Jr. Boggs, Patrick Magno and Leon G. Thomas III.

The tweets also highlighted the recording of Rage, written and composed by Rihanna, Christian Keyon Jr. Boggs, Malik Yusef (Beyoncé, Kanye West), Mekkel Carter and Grandma prayed, written and composed by Rihanna, Jonathan Birkner, Christian Keyon Jr. Boggs, Francesca Simone Boszormenyi, Karter Mekkel and Malik Yusef El Shabazz Jones.

Since 2016, the 33-year-old has recorded more than ten unreleased songs, some of which have received major contributions from Jamaican dancehall artists and producers, in keeping with R9’s Reggae theme. According to BMI, they include:

Lock and key

Lock and key, was reportedly recorded in April 2016, was written and produced by Kranium (Nobody has to know, politician Gal), Jamaican producer Supa Dups (who has worked with Drake, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Nicki Minaj), Shama Joseph and Rihanna herself, according to an entry from BMI.


Private love

In 2019, Revolt TV reported that Rihanna supposedly recorded a new song with BMI titled Private love, which was written and produced by artist and producer Dancehall Demarco (Fallen soldiers, puppy tail, lazy body, I love my life) and British singer Monique Lawz. At the time, speculation was rife with Rihanna not confirming the trail. Demarco, however, had reacted to a social media post about it, which many people took as a claim that the single was recorded for real. BMI’s website shows that Demarco, whose first name is Collin Demar Edwards, has a 62.5% share for his contributions to Private love.


Gwan Look Pon It

In March 2019, there were reports that Rihanna had checked in Gwan Look Pon This, which, according to the BMI website, was written and composed by herself, artist Dancehall Konshens (Bruk Off, Winner, Gal A Bubble), UK based Jamaican producer and songwriter Knox Brown (Beyoncé, HER, Jess Glyne, RAYE), producer Jon Asher (The Chainsmokers, Britney Spears), Jon Mills (Iggy Azalea, Shakira, Khalid), Derrus Rachel (ANTI, Ella Mai).


Two more songs with a hint of Dancehall inspiration, Waist line down and No on the left, were reportedly recorded in 2018, but have since been removed from the website of ASCAP, another music publisher.

In September 2021, Rihanna declared that her R9 album always remained at the top of her priority list that her fans should, above all, “expect the unexpected”. The Bajan megastar said she spent time experimenting with different sounds, and as a result her new music, on what will be her ninth album, will sound very different from her previous projects.

At the end of 2019, the Rude boy The singer had however made it clear that she would not release music until she felt ready. Rihanna had told Time Magazine in another interview that she was “really happy with a lot of the material” she had so far, but that she “wasn’t going to publish it until it was released. be finished “.

His latest album, critically acclaimed ANTI, was released five years ago and included songs such as Work, love on the brain and Need me.

“It doesn’t make sense to rush him, but I want to. I got to the point where I said to myself: “Even if I don’t have time to shoot videos, I’m going to release an album,” she said at the time.

As usual, after we heard about Rihanna’s latest song recording, fan comments poured in.

“When Riri drops the albums, it will be at the top of the charts. Hope this is amazing, I guess a lot of the biggest artists are hesitant to release music because of covid, ”one said.

“Huey comes back with R9, go ahead !! Better late than never !! “said another.

Others dubbed her the “Queen of False Hopes” saying they wouldn’t hold their breath as they were sure no album would come to fruition in the near future.

“Yeah, I’m done promoting a Rihanna album release. You’re going to have to wait about 2 years for her,” Luis Pacheco said, while Denny Jones added, “I won’t believe that. when it announces a date “.


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