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I grew up in an extremely musical family and I’m a huge R&B fan. I have a lot of favorite artists but I also make a conscious effort to listen to both Christian and “inspirational” music. It’s important to watch what you feed your mind. Whether you pay attention or not, music affects us more than we realize!

Clinton Jordan’s “Monsters”
A young boy, possibly five years old, was having nightmares. He frequently ran into his parents’ room crying until one day the father had had enough and wrote a song with his son. You can even hear them praying the Lord’s Prayer together, declaring his might and power over the situation. This boy is my nephew, and the father is my older brother, Clinton. Fifteen years later, ‘Monsters’ remains a family favourite!

“Help Me” by Clareta Haddon-Jackson
I love this song, not just because of its edginess, but because of the singer’s desperation and sincerity – two emotions I’m sure we can all sympathize with!

“Everything Has Changed” by Still Shadey
I was in a musical a few years ago, and as I was walking to my car after the show, I ran into this kid and his buddies. They were just hanging out, talking and I was talking to them.

This young man started talking to me about his music and asked me to watch a YouTube video he had made. I fell in love with the song, the video and his spirit, and asked him if I could interview him on my Sunday morning show on Premier Gospel. It continues to go from strength to strength. Everyone should know Still Shadey!

‘Revelation song’ by Gateway Worship
This song is just awesome! You know those songs that stop you in your tracks? ‘Revelation song’ is one of them! Last year, I remember driving across the country to see a client in another city, and I spent three-quarters of the trip loving it.

I had to really try not to close my eyes while I sang on this track. It makes my soul sing every time!


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