Parents unhappy with awakened education win big in school board election


Parents unhappy with the takeover of their local education systems won big on Tuesday when they ousted progressive school board members and defeated pro-critical racial theory candidates in several districts across the country.

In Southlake, Texas, Andrew Yeager, a father concerned about the top-performing school district’s drastic “cultural competence action plan” – which aims to shame people, especially whites, based on their race – won seventh place at the Carroll Independent School. The district school board on Tuesday won a landslide victory over opponent Stephanie Williams. Yeager’s victory was quickly criticized by NBC News following false outrage over a moderate ‘diversity’ plan, but the new school board member’s victory actually indicates that referendums inspired by the school board’s affinity awakened to critical theory of race and radical gender ideology work.

Yeager’s victory follows months of parent activism in the district after school officials and other community members attempted to institutionalize teachings and training guilty of “racializing all possible interactions” in inside and outside the classroom. While parents who weren’t comfortable with this were heavily targeted by corporate media such as NBC News, which thankfully amplified the narrative that anyone opposed to the “fairness” agenda is a racist, they quickly assembled the Southlake Families PAC which aimed to “strengthen our mutual goals of academic excellence, transparent accountability, fiscal responsibility and respect for character, integrity, a strong work ethic and leadership. in our community.

Now that Yeager is elected, the board members who were supported earlier this year by the PAC, which is “unabashedly rooted in Judeo-Christian values,” hold a 4-3 majority in the district, which can be used to augment any further attempts to push institutional racism down the throats of students.

Similar victories have taken place across the country where parents and community members who weren’t happy with their children’s classroom awakening rallied around and offered to do something about it. In Douglas County, Colorado, four candidates vying to fight the county school district administration’s adoption of critical race theory and masking for students who are already at extremely low risk of dying from COVID-19 have won places on the school board. Their victories quickly overturned the majority of the board in favor of members who aim to “give priority to children in all decision-making”.

Four more conservative candidates opposed to forced masking and radical race and gender ideology as well to choke progressive incumbents and new opponents to win positions in two different Kansas school boards. Similar victories have also taken place in Wichita, Kansas; Morganton, North Carolina; Ankeny, Iowa; Tredyffrin-Easttown School District in Pennsylvania, and much more.

Parents’ frustration with the education bureaucracy has not only played a huge role in pushing Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin to cross the finish line for governor in Virginia, but appears to be becoming a movement that may continue to influence statewide and even national elections in the future. Reported ballot that more than 84 school board recalls took place this year against at least 215 members. This is almost three times the number of school board recalls in 2020 and four times the number of school board recalls in 2019.

Jordan Davidson is a writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minor in journalism.


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