Outdoor Education Program Comes to Hale: ‘A Unique Opportunity’ for ‘Town Kids’ | Education


“We would like to see more TPS schools doing this,” he said. “It’s a unique opportunity as a lot of downtown kids just don’t have the right person to take them out and expose them to hunting and fishing. “

For Hale students, the hunter safety component will largely be book work, but the other material in the program will be covered by hands-on instruction. While the equipment has not yet arrived, AfterOpp students have already been introduced to some archery basics via string bows.

Plans are underway to introduce students to fishing this spring, including how to bait a hook and cast a line. Jones already has tackle boxes and 50 rods and reels lined up for the students once the weather warms up.

Although the material requires frank safety discussions with his students, Jones said he was more worried about the fishing lessons.

“I’m more concerned with fishing because let’s say 20 rods and reels are being cast at a time. What kind of knots are you going to end up in when they’re learning to throw and they can’t throw straight and they go all over the place? He said with a small laugh.

In the long term, Jones wants to incorporate hiking and more outdoor activities into his classes not only to complement the hunting and fishing component, but also to simply get his students out, get moving and discover new interests.


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