Osborne is a new intern at Love Never Fails United Christian Church


Stephanie Brown Osborne is the new intern at Love Never Fails Church.

Stephanie Brown Osborne joined the staff of Love Never Fails United Christian Church as an intern at Liberty University. She grew up in Orange County and graduated from Springs Valley High School.

Osborne, who started her career in 2007 and currently holds a BA in Christian Pastoral Counseling, decided to intern at Love Never Fails because she said the church has a lot of flexibility, like managing multiple support groups. . She said she has no shortage of experience in church trying to help people with relationship issues, family issues. While her role at Love Never Fails has yet to be finalized, she said she would like to offer a marriage workshop during her internship.

Her most enjoyable experiences so far have been helping with development, counseling, and discipleship. “I really like working with people,” she said.

As to his future goals, Osborne said, “My husband is an evangelist, and our dream is to work together as a team in a religious organization.

“I look forward to working with people,” Osborne noted, “and I plan to hold Christian classes and workshops.”

Love Never Fails Pastor Jason Lindsey said: “To be recognized by Liberty University as adequate and honorable enough for them to select us for their interns is an honor for me that surpasses all credentials or milestones since my appeal to the ministry. “

This article originally appeared on The Times-Mail: Osborne is a new intern at Love Never Fails


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