Nash Revival Duo Releases Eleven Songs Over Two Months, Including Award-Winning “I Do”


New Christian duo Nash Revival (Matthew Soileau and Brandon Chase) have released eleven songs in the past two months, including their CMT/Nashville Songwriter’s Association award winner, “I Do.” The official audio for “I Do” can be heard below.

Nash Revival won multiple awards in Nashville and garnered arguments from CCM, TV and film artists before releasing their music independently. But the most rewarding part of songwriting for Soileau was when the songs touched someone’s heart. He said: “A family member cried while listening so help me god (a winner) because of the hardships she has gone through in her life. Another friend told me that The strength of the weak and When I say father gave him chills. This is the best affirmation I can get for what I truly believe God has put in my life and called me to do. I hope these songs can contribute to a positive and faith-filled response to life’s trials. I want people to come to our music for spiritual upliftment and even for contemplation and prayer.

Soileau described his journey to songwriting: “I was looking everywhere and looking for a new career that would realize the full potential of my God-given gifts through sixteen years of working in the health industry at this time. I truly believe that God found me and gave me a message through another person. I first started writing songs to joke around with a colleague, but later realized that I could really write. It was natural to write Christian songs with country songs because I had been listening to CCM for over twenty years due to a craving for spiritual music outside of church on the weekends.

Soileau, a lyricist, was introduced to songwriting later in life by a patient at his physical therapy clinic. He was always looking for what God wanted him to do because he didn’t think therapy was his final destination. Five years after his patient entered him into the CMT/NSAI song contest, he won it with the help of co-writer and singer Chase. Chase has its own history in the industry with an old stint on The voice, Team Blake and currently sings with Christian band I Am They. Soileau is originally from Louisiana but now resides in Spring, Texas with his wife and three children. Chase is from Fort Worth but now lives outside of Nashville.

Nash Revival music is now available on Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify.


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