Jeremy Camp wants his songs to “connect with the heart”


For 20 years, Jeremy Camp’s life has consisted of touring and writing songs… then touring and writing songs again.

Until the pandemic hits, that is.

When COVID-19 closed public events in the spring of 2020, Camp found himself home and away from the tour buses, planes and concert stages that have been his life for two decades. Without a live show to play – and with plenty of free time – Camp had more time to pray and think deeply about life’s bigger issues. Like faith and family.

One year to process, learn

Camp’s latest album, “When You Speak”, features songs written during these moments of introspection. He said he felt God was saying, “I want to teach you some things. So be open.

The album has 13 tracks, the most ever recorded for any of his LPs.

“I had a whole year to sit down and analyze all the things I learn,” Camp recalls. “So there is a depth, I believe, in this album for every song. … There is a depth to this album, overall, from start to finish, which in my opinion is probably greater than what I’ve done since I started.

“Just the tip of the iceberg”

The album is a mix of cult, pop, synth-pop and rock. The title track spent over 15 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart.

“I told people, ‘You have to listen from start to finish instead of just saying,’ Oh, this is the song from the ‘radio’. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the things God has done in my heart. … We are really excited about the diversity of the album. … I like different styles of music.

“When You Speak” is Camp’s 13th studio album, featuring 41 # 1 radio hits in all formats.

One of them, “I Still Believe”, was the basis for the 2020 film of the same name. It opened at # 3 in theaters and was America’s # 1 movie on its first night.

Listening to God

Camp, however, said he rejected the idea of ​​writing songs for the radio. For him, writing music is a process of listening to God.

“At first, I went into writing sessions with people. And if they said, “Oh, man, that would be good for the radio,” I’d kind of stop. And I wouldn’t want to write with them anymore. Because I know you can have a song that plays well on the radio, but it doesn’t touch the heart. … I’m looking to write a song that connects people’s hearts. And if it works well on the radio [then] it’s because it’s connected that way.

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