‘Ikem’, ‘Onyeoma’, seven more Osinachi hit songs


His voice was heavenly, but broken and emotional.

Beloved by many, the songs of the late Osinachi Nwachukwu are still on the list of top hits in Nigerian gospel music. However, until her untimely death on Friday, Ms Nwachukwu’s songs were far more popular than she was.

Such was the influence she exerted on the Nigerian gospel scene. Yet she never granted interviews, nor was her social media accounts widely known to be a star of her caliber. Additionally, her family and associates would later tell the public that the late singer’s husband alienated her from them, her co-workers and her fans.

The many allegations made against her husband are shocking and offensive to the ears.

The gospel music star who rose to prominence with the hit ‘Ekwueme’, which has been viewed more than 72 million times on YouTube, died in a hospital in Abuja on Friday. Prospa Ochimana featured her on the track, released in 2018.

The deceased older sister, Favor Made, told the avant-garde newspaper that the singer sang her verse from a place of pain.

Federal Capital Territory Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Josephine Adeh told PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday that Mr Nwachukwu was still under investigation.

However, despite the many limitations, the late singer continued her musical ministry, showing no signs of abuse.

One of the latest outings of the late Mrs Nwachukwu was at the Unusual Praise Concert, held at Divine Mercy Catholic Church (CCDM) Lekki, Lagos State on December 10, 2021.

Our correspondent who attended the concert said the late singer was full of life as she served for more than 30 minutes. His songs moved the crowd of worshipers and left some in tears.

The late singer was known for her spontaneous, uplifting worship songs, usually rendered in the Igbo language.

Unfortunately, his latest song, ‘Ikem’, released in November 2021, was poorly distributed and marketed. Interestingly, she was known more for her musical characteristics than for her solo efforts as a musician.

In this article, PREMIUM TIMES presents nine of Osinachi Nwachukwu’s greatest songs, including some you may never have heard of.

1. Onyeoma

The late Mrs. Osinachi Nwachukwu was one of the lead singers of the gospel music group “The Glorious Singers”, based in Enugu, Nigeria.

They recorded songs like ‘Uwa sị ka-media and some others.

Some younger people may not know the gospel group, but then they made waves with their style of a capella songs. The band disbanded, but sometimes members reunited to perform at Christian gatherings.

In “Onye Oma”, you will notice that Oshinachi hasn’t changed much. She was the lead vocalist alongside her twin sister, Amara.

2. Nara Ekele


‘Nara Ekele’ is a popular gospel song sung by Pastor Paul Eneche and the Dunamis Voice Choir.

Osinachi led the Dunamis Voice Choir who sang the song’s chorus while Pastor Eneche sang in “tongues”.

The song is believed to have made Osinachi famous, as it launched her at the start of a blossoming musical career.

3. I know my redeemer lives

After Nara Ekele, Osinachi became very famous at the Dunamis headquarters in Abuja, where she led praise and worship sections, especially in the Igbo language.

“I Know My Redeemer Lives” is another of his worship songs that has gone viral. Although she was not the original songwriter of the song, it has always been a famous Igbo hymn, but she could be given credit for the English rendition of the song.

4. The Scream


The Cry is his first original; it was also a song released during a worship section in Dunamis Church.


Osinachi the Cry has racked up over 3.7 million views on YouTube over the past year.

The song urges Christian to prepare for eternity.


The Miracle is another gospel song on which Apostle Israel Iyiri featured Osinachi.

The song was released on October 12, 2021 and has over 105,000 views on YouTube.

The song is also known as Lord You Reign.

6. Goodness of God

The Goodness of God is a song that Osinachi sang with Chi Divine.

The song was released in October 2021 and has amassed over 12,000 views on YouTube.

7. You don’t use me to play

You No Dey Use Me Play is a song by gospel artist Ema Onyx featuring Osinachi. It was released in 2019.

Osinachi sang the last verses of the song mainly in Igbo.

You No Dey Use Me Play has had over 16 million views on YouTube since 2019.

8. Ikem

Ikem, also known as God of all Power, is Osinachi’s only single.

The song was released in November 2021. The video for the song, shot by Light Cinema Films, was released on April 2, 2022.

The video has over 692,000 views on YouTube.

9. Ekwueme

The song Ekwueme which means the God who speaks and does is a song by Prospa Ochimana featuring Osinachi.

The song, released in September 2017, made Osinachi famous and put her at the peak of her career.

It has over 72 million views on YouTube.

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