Grace Wan, singer and actress born in Canada, to release the fascinating Christian film “Done”


Grace Wan

Grace Wan

Grace Wan

PORT COQUITLAM, British Columbia, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – A new Christian film is finally hitting theaters earlier this month. The movie “Done” was directed by Canadian-born producer and musician Grace Wan and written by William Cloud. The story revolves around humanity’s quest to do good on earth, but the devil often intervenes by destroying man’s vision.

Grace, who previously worked as a production assistant for Blood Work Production’s independent film, combined creative elements in the film to keep viewers going. The story is also written with a unique plot that builds up the relevant themes of the film.

The main actor is Christian James, a newly baptized Christian fresh out of prison. During his last three years in prison, James has learned that indeed human beings are the salt and the light of the earth. Sometimes they get stuck in difficult places and they have to make decisions. James is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to deciphering whether his baptism is a call from the Lord or a deception from Lucifer.

Grace Wan also had her fair share of challenges before releasing the new movie. In 2006, she tried two popular song contest television shows, Canadian Idol and Rock Star. His first acting job was a student film “Shampoolzed”.

His advice to future directors is to always be confident in their abilities.

“Don’t give up on your dreams, if at first you fail, try everything and do something different to make yourself happy and successful. If you are in a band, do not limit yourself to just one instrument, sing, write songs, piano, guitar, bass, drums. Show your abilities and talents to everyone. Try everything and it will lead you to be more successful than committing to just one profession ”

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