Full List of Accredited Higher Education Institutions in Sierra Leone


After the fake diploma and the current doctorate. saga, the Sierra Leone Higher Education Commission (TEC) has released an updated list of registered educational institutions in the country.

This comes after an investigation was carried out into the activities of Dominion Christian University, an unrecognized institution that awards fake bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral certificates. in different fields of study to Sierra Leoneans. According to the Higher Education Commission, Dominion Christian University, an affiliate of the African Graduate University in Uganda, is not registered under the TEC and therefore does not have the right to award certificates to anyone or everyone who received a certificate. of the institution is declared void.

As a result, Dr. John Idris Lahai, a Sierra Leonean researcher has published the names of senior government officials who graduated from the African Graduate University and other unrecognized institutions around the world. Dr. Lahai claims that the officials he appoints are using these fake certificates to keep or get government jobs.

Senior officials who graduated from this unaccredited institution are Michael Ambrose Sovula – Inspector General of Police of Sierra Leone, Hon. Paran Tarawall – Clerk of the House of Parliament, and many others.

Below is the full list of registered higher education institutions in Sierra Leone.


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