From the golden age to the “double” marriage, your songs marked an era, but what is Christian doing today?


The incredible career and current life of one of the most acclaimed stars of the 80s, Gaetano Cristiano Vincenzo Rossi aka Christian.

On the stage of the Sanremo Festival, he depopulated himself with his songs and his charm ‘a la Julio Iglesias’, but not everyone knows how the fantastic musical career of Christian. Born in Palermo on September 8, 1947, when he was young, he played football but had to give up due to a cardiac arrhythmia.

From the golden age to the “double” marriage, your songs marked an era, but what is Christian doing today? (Youtube)

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In addition to football, another great passion for him was music and, after moving to Milan with his family for the work of his policeman father, he began to participate in various auditions, arriving to participate in the Festival of new voices in Milan. Here is even Leo Chiosso, author of Mina, to notice his talent.

Not everyone knows that it was the famous Italian singer who suggested his stage name ‘Christian ‘. In the 70s he begins to have his first satisfactions but it is with the song Daniela which achieved international fame.

Participate 6 times in Sanremo Festival where his songs, like Another life another love (1982), Kiss Me My Love (1983) and Air and music (1987), conquers the public and consecrates it among the most beloved singers of the time.

These are wonderful years for Christian who, in addition to professional success, crowns his dream of love by marrying the showgirl Dora Moroni with whom he has his son Alfredo who now lives in the United States. The couple broke up in 1997 with great pain from the singer, but the turn is imminent.

So let’s find out what Christian has been doing in recent years, both professionally and privately.

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Remember Christian? What is the beloved artist of the 80s doing today

The following decade did not see the publication of new albums on his part but only best of and Christmas carols. With the new millennium, he returns with new records: Traveling heart (2000), Dawn finally (2004) and By love (2007).

In 2015, he released other covers and in 2017, the single Heaven and hell paired with Dora Moroni. When the two, invited in January this year by Barbara D’Urso on Sunday Live, announced that they had be back together, for the fans it was a huge joy. In 2008, Christian became the grandfather of a beautiful granddaughter.

In September 2020 Christian was also the guest of Tv8 on the show hosted by Enrico Papi Name the melody – guess the song.

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Photo source: Mediaset Infinity

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