Eminem’s New Praise Song Tops Christian Billboard Song Chart


Eminem’s new praise song aroused suspicion and, at the same time, people’s approval because its lyrics contained praise for Jesus. As a result, her praise song topped the Billboard Hot Christian Songs for the first time.

Eminem’s New Praise Song

Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, was featured on DJ Khaled’s new album. He teamed up with Khaled and Kanye West for a remix song, “Use this Gospel”. The song was originally from Kanye’s album, Jesus is King.

For nearly 30 years in the music industry, Eminem has been known to rap about violence and profanity. That’s why when he rapped about surrendering to God and praising the name of Jesus, it surprised everyone.

One of his lines read, “So, my saviour, I call to save me from these depths of despair. So those devils better walk like a staircase because He’s my shepherd. I am armed with Jesus, my weapon is prayer.

Then he ended his verse by praising Jesus. “The Bible by my side like a gun with a gift from God. Every day I thank God for that. This is why I pay them so many tributes. Praise be to Jesus, I always will.

His God-centered raps debuted on a Christian billboard and even ranked number one.

Rapzilla editor Justin Sarachik commented on Eminem’s reversal. He said: “It was shocking to see Eminem on a gospel rap track. What was even more surprising was that he didn’t say anything controversial or profanity. He just rapped about God.

There have been discussions today about Eminem’s personal faith as he has yet to comment on it. But, it is indeed clear that the “Rap God” honored the One True God, and he recognized Jesus as his Shepherd.

Let’s continue to pray for Eminem’s continued encounter with the Lord Jesus.

Reference: Christian Post

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