Clifton Christian Church brings Thanksgiving to 542 homes


CLIFTON, Colo. (KREX) – The countdown to Thanksgiving continues and giving back is definitely on the menu. The Clifton Christian Church distributes six hundred boxes of food.

With Thanksgiving days away, several college students like Penny Underwood selflessly started their Thanksgiving break by volunteering to make sure others enjoyed the holidays as well.

“I’ve been helping for at least three years. I think my favorite part about it is definitely seeing faces and the reaction when they get what they need because it’s so much fun to just help, ”says Pennie Underwood, Christian Church volunteer. Clifton, “It makes you feel good, help, do what Jesus would do, showing the love of Jesus.

Each box includes fixings for classic dishes as well as snacks for the whole week. The church can feed those in need what they want for a happy holiday, but organizers say it’s generosity that nurtures the project itself.

“In just one weekend, 100 volunteers from Clifton Christian Church organized donations of all kinds and turned them into a complete meal,” reports Cora Dickey, “These ingredients add up for a complete basket so that 600 additional tables can have a Happy Thanksgiving.

A hot Thanksgiving meal is something to be thankful for. The 20 boxes requested by Pathways Village will be a blessing beyond words.

“A lot of our residents have reunions, so one box can feed two families,” shares Tracey Black of Pathways Village, “We have three new families this year, so that was the only way for them to have a Thanksgiving.”

For Clifton Christian Church, it’s a tradition. They’ve been distributing Thanksgiving boxes for 12 years, serving 542 households this year alone.

The Clifton Christian Church also thanks Alpine Bank for donating $ 4000 for this year’s holiday food boxes.


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