Carmine Appice details Christian epiphany and writes songs for religious film


Drummer Carmine Appice, whose heyday included successful stints with Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and Beck, Bogert & Appice, released a statement affirming his Christian faith and announced he had contributed three songs to Thursday night box an upcoming Christmas movie that tells the story of five friends whose lives are changed forever after one of them suffers a devastating loss.

Appice may not be the most obvious candidate for spiritual awakening – he gleefully described the notorious bawdy Cactus as “a sex, drug and rock’n’roll band”, was involved in the notorious Led Zeppelin mudshark incident and co-wrote Rod Stewart. do you think i’m sexy? – but he experienced an epiphany while touring Europe in 2018.

After a medical emergency landed the drummer in hospital in the Azores, Appice awoke to find himself on a ward where no one spoke English and no specialist staff were available to offer comfort.

“After being knocked out with drugs, I woke up in a dark room with only one light,” says Appice. “I thought I was dead. I hugged the cross that was around my neck and prayed for Jesus to help me.”

The statement goes on to reveal that Appice “believed he had been touched by the hand of God and has sworn to continue this new and deep relationship.” He then formed musical alliances with other Christian musicians and began writing denominational songs.

Thursday night box features a cameo performance by I will Survive hitmaker Gloria Gaynor, who plays Dr Poitier, a doctor who advises a young patient about donating bone marrow. The film is currently in production, with an expected release date of December 15. Watch the sizzle reel below.

Earlier this year, Cactus published The Birth of the Cactus 1970, a live album containing a recording of the band’s very first concert at Temple University in Philadelphia, where they performed alongside The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Grateful Dead and Steve Miller Band.

“I remember doing that first gig, hanging out with Hendrix who was a friend of Cactus,” Appice says. “We got on stage and the energy level was off the charts! All the songs kicked ass. We were so excited to launch Cactus and this show helped. Have done. rock!”


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