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The singer, one of the biggest exponents of the pop genre, Belinda, is one of the biggest fans of a famous band whose songs she even shouts live.

Belinda’s musical tastes have once again placed her at the center of the controversy, this after they have assured it, the “Spaniards” shout the songs of the group live.

It was during the Latin Grammy Awards, delivered in Las Vegas, Nevada where the same “Beli“He showed his enormous taste for Mana. The”Latin pop princess“Belinda Peregrín Schüll, was very excited and happy next to the stage where her compatriots were playing.

Belinda mega-fan from Maná, shouts her songs, not Nodal’s. Photo: Instagram capture

Belinda he tuned his throat to perform the songs performed by Fher Olvera and company, who performed live and performed the song “Nailed in a bar” from 1997, the album: “Liquid dream”.

The famous Spanish rock band performed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez recently fought on Saturday November 6th.

The “businesswoman“She was one of the guests of honor so incidentally, she took the opportunity to be backstage so she had the opportunity to listen to the group and show that she is a real fan.

The famous “actress of children’s novels” who made her debut at the age of ten in “Friends forever“(2000), later in“ Aventuras en el tiempo ”(2001) and“ Complices al rescue ”(2002), she was moved as if she wanted to share the stage with Fher, in addition to singing and accompanying the group.

The Christian Nodal’s fiancée He appeared at one point on one side of the stage from where he performed the melodies of “I drowned in a bar”, Nodal’s girlfriend is heard singing.

The video will elicit countless reactions among fans of the model from magazines such as Marie Claire and CARAS, who stands out for his great charisma and cheerful spirit, the singer, which stands out for its spontaneity shows its admiration for other groups. In less than an hour, the video had thousands upon thousands of likes and comments from followers.

The one awarded the Latin Grammy Awards on the occasion, including the award for Best female album in 2007, for Utopia. However, it is an award that has yet to be given to him in his brilliant career.


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