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Excellence, Opportunity, Success: Merimbula Public School aims to provide an environment where doing your best is inevitable. Photo: Angi High

At Merimbula Public School, students are empowered to achieve their highest level of ability.

“We believe that every student should be challenged to learn and continually improve through engagement in dynamic teaching and learning programs, an environment of high expectations and support, and through the ‘access to a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum that meets the individual needs of students, ensuring that any adjustments lead to better learning,’ said Principal Michelle Huddleston.

“In all facets of school life, our motto is ‘Excellence, Opportunity, Success’. The goal of all Merimbula Public School stakeholders is to ensure that our school aims to provide an environment in which to do his best is inevitable.”

Merimbula Public School staff work collaboratively, ensuring that: all students have a successful transition to school and a good start in their education; each student is known, valued and cared for; every student, teacher, and leader improves every year; and each student is engaged and challenged in their learning to achieve their individual learning goals.

All students also have a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, with the school implementing a consistent synthetic phonics program across the school.

“Our students gain in-depth content knowledge, build confidence in their ability to learn, and participate in a range of innovative learning opportunities and supportive wellness programs to build resilience,” Ms Huddleston said.

Merimbula Public School has embraced innovative technology and has world-class facilities, sports and physical education spaces, an innovative technology library/lab, and flexible classroom and library learning spaces.

Interactive whiteboards, laptop sets and Chromebooks are also available in all learning spaces, to support face-to-face and online learning initiatives.

Quality literacy, numeracy and extracurricular resources are also available to all students.

“At Merimbula Public School, our goal is to provide a caring, friendly and engaging environment in which students, through high-impact teaching programs, benefit from a variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities designed to meet their individual needs,” Ms Huddleston said.

“The school’s specialist teachers also deliver dynamic physical education, music and Japanese language programs.

Complete program of the week

“This enables students at Merimbula Public School to reach not only their potential, but also the highest standard in a range of athletic, artistic and academic pursuits.”

The school is continually improving its world-class facilities. “In the coming weeks, our new state-of-the-art modular pump track will be up and running. Our students are eager to develop their skills on our new skateboard, scooter and bike program,” Ms Huddleston said.

“We are already seeing outstanding achievements in academics, arts, sports and more. Last week, one of our students received a bronze medal in the Snowboard Cross event at the Interscholastic Snow Sports Championship. Who knows? , our school could support one of the next Olympic skateboarding champions.”

Merimbula Public School is also looking forward to opening a new building in the coming months, which will house before and after school care and holiday care.

Interviews and enrollment visits for Kindergarten 2023 have already begun, with more than 50 students already registered to be part of next year’s kindergarten family.

To book your child’s enrollment interview and visit, call the school on 6495 1266.


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