Amanda Danziger will release songs based on the seasons this year, the next step is spring: “Prison Walls”


“Prison Walls” is the second installment of Amanda Danzigers’ 2022 project, Seasons. “Prison Walls” tells the story of an insider’s journey and worship in God’s promised land.

Written by Amanda Danziger and Filipe Michael, the listener will experience a hymn of God’s salvation.

“When we fully surrender, we are at peace and in full trust with God. What we do here on earth can shake mountains,” says Danziger. “I can either sit here and let the world trick me or do something and share God’s love. What would you choose? Get stuck in the walls or get out of the rubble? I prefer to get up and walk freely! Surrender is only the first part of an eternal walk with God. God promises beauty from his ashes… He saves, redeems and hears our cries. And because of this promise, I will rise and I will sing.

“Prison Walls” is a story of healing and breakthrough, and a different twist on spring. One might think of birds chirping, flowers growing, and maybe even Vivaldi’s spring motion, but Danziger decided to take spring in a different direction.

“We started the Seasons project with a song that was clearly about winter, “Vindicate”. But, for the spring song, I didn’t imagine the birdsong, nor the joy of a spring dance… I wanted it to move. When the warm air starts hitting my skin for the first time after the long winter months, my first reaction is to be outside – I want the walls to come down and I want to be free,” says Amanda.

Amanda wrote “Prison Walls” with her childhood friend and frequent collaborator, Filipe Michael. Filipe currently co-writes with Amanda and still retains responsibility for producing the artistry. They started getting serious working on his projects in 2019 with his debut EP, head heart.

Filipe continues, “Amanda and I have known each other since we were teenagers, always involved in leading worship in our local churches. We were those kind of nerdy kids who wanted to be involved in any way possible when it came to leading worship in youth groups…whether it was helping with the overhead projector, inviting children to a group of young people, to distribute the programs. We have lived, breathed and worshiped in our communities. I believe that is what has bound our friendship over the years.

“Because of our upbringing, we continue to be inspired and share the gospel of Jesus through music. We write these songs together because worship is a journey that goes beyond the pews,” explains Amanda “This musical journey is devotional – her devotional worship. Devotional worship begins when you worship God in your quiet space. These songs are written for the person who is looking for music to take them on this journey.”

the Seasons The project began with the first winter release, “Vindicate”, on January 21, 2022. The second installment, “Prison Walls” (Spring) will be released on April 29, 2022. All seasonal songs will then be released under his direction. Seasons EP in fall 2022. The EP will explore the sounds and changes of the seasons, as well as previously released tracks.


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