All The Jeff Carson Songs We’d Definitely Listen To On Loop


With the songs of Jeff Carson, the country singer was able to enjoy the massive success of country music in the early 90s.

Carson, who was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, began his musical career singing in church. He then moved to Branson, Missouri, where he began honing his songwriting skills and performing locally before heading to Nashville.

Once in Music City, his career began to develop. He started recording demos for popular artists like Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and many more.

In 1995, Jeff Carson’s self-titled debut album was finally a breakthrough. He followed this success with several other successes. However, after a career that included three studio albums and fourteen country hits, Carson stepped out of the limelight. He retired from the music industry in 2009 and started working as a law enforcement officer.

But there’s no denying that Carson’s songs have touched the hearts of many country fans. So let’s take a look back at some of his greatest hits. Keep scrolling below.

1. Not on your love

Directed by: Jeff Carson (1995)

Released as the second single from his self-titled debut album, “Not on Your Love” is Carson’s only No. 1 song on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

In the song, Carson sings that even the greatest relationships are actually quite imperfect and that love for his wife makes up for all the little imperfections.

2. Real life (I’ve never been the same again)

From: Real Life (2001)

Carson released the song in 2001 as the third single from her third album. The poignant song about meeting the love of your life, followed by the pain of losing them to death, has become a fan favorite in Carson’s catalog. It peaked at No. 14 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart while reaching No. 3 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.

On top of that, it earned a nomination for Song of the Year at the Christian Country Music Awards in 2001.

3. I can only imagine

From: The Best of Jeff Carson – I Can Only Imagine (2013)

Written by MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard, “I Can Only Imagine” envisions what it would be like to stand before God in paradise. After its release as a single on the band’s debut album, Almost There, the song quickly gained huge following on Christian radio and was the most played Christian song of 2002.

Not only that, but he has also received various awards including Song of the Year from the Dove Awards. It is not surprising that several artists have decided to cover the Christian ballad. Carson released his version in 2003 and took the song to No. 50 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

4. butterfly kisses

From: Butterfly Kisses (1997)

Christian singer-songwriter Bob Carlisle wrote “Butterfly Kisses” with Christian rock musician Randy Thomas for his daughter’s sixteenth birthday. It became a huge radio hit in the United States – reaching No. 1 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart.

There have been several cover versions of “Butterfly Kisses”, including Raybon Brothers, Westlife and of course Carson. Carson recorded the song for his album of the same name, which also featured an alternate version containing parts of Kippi Brannon’s single “Daddy’s Little Girl”.

5. I cling to something

By: Jeff Carson (1996)

In the song, Carson finds himself “holding on to something that lets me go” as he tries to win the heart of a woman he struggles to understand. Many country fans absolutely found themselves in a similar situation where the song reached #6 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

6. The car

By: Jeff Carson (1996)

Released as the third single from Carson’s debut album, the song peaked at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

“The Car” is a poignant song about a father-son relationship. It begins with the son expressing his desire to repair an old Ford Mustang and refurbish it – as it is his only chance to be with his father, who is very busy with work. As the song progressed, the son gave up such a dream and became a distant memory.

However, one day he received a call informing him that his father had passed away. The old man left him a note and a set of keys. “Here is your car, son,” his father wrote.

7. god save the world

From: The Best of America, Vol. 2 (2003)

Carson reflects on the gentle and sympathetic nature of being a vessel of solitude in times of trouble and uncertainty. The country singer recut the song in 2019 during his brief return to music, offering lasting peace of mind and a wish for listeners to come back to life.

More Jeff Carson Songs You Need To Hear

Jeff Carson has indeed left us some of the best country ballads. Here are some of his greatest singles.

  • Yeah man
  • Get a guitar
  • Possibilities defined
  • Betty does judo
  • Preach to the choir
  • Me too
  • If I don’t have you
  • That last mile
  • Here’s the deal
  • It’s the right one
  • do it again
  • try to be me
  • If you want to go to heaven
  • hanging on a thread
  • Like one like two can get
  • deceive his heart
  • Today I started to love you again
  • Until we fall in love again
  • My one and only love

So, among these songs by Jeff Carson, which are your favorites?


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