11 Easter songs for kids to sing and celebrate this season


The good news of Easter deserves lots of adoration and praise, and kids can join in the celebration! Whether in Sunday school, during children’s church, or at home, Christian Easter songs for children help them understand the resurrection of Jesus and share his message with others.

Look for Easter songs that have simple, repetitive, Bible-based lyrics. Good Easter songs for kids also have catchy tunes that are easy to remember. Play videos of the songs so kids can see all the hand movements that go along with the lyrics. And let parents know favorite songs so they can play them at home and in the car. The whole family can join in the Easter joy!

Easter songs for children have powerful messages for young singers and anyone who listens to them. So listen to these 11 Easter songs for kids, then crank up the music!

11 Easter Songs for Kids: Great Options for Young Singers

1. “Two: Easter

This Crossroads Kids Club Easter song is especially great for toddlers and preschoolers. Simple lyrics and repetition are perfect for younger children.

2. It’s a happy day

Yancy, the children’s favorite, sings that it’s a happy day because Jesus is alive. Children will jump up and down singing this Easter hymn.

3. “1 John 4:14—Savior

The video for this Seeds Family Worship song shows simple hand movements. The lyrics emphasize that we can testify to the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.

4. “Victory in Jesus

Then, experience this celebration of Jesus’ triumph over death and the grave. The lyrics (by Brentwood Benson) offer a child-friendly explanation of the gospel message.

5. Christ is risen from the dead

From God’s Kids Worship, this Easter song for children rejoices in the Lordship of Jesus. Its catchy chorus is based on 1 Corinthians 15:55.

6. From the grave he rose

A cult favorite gets an energetic musical treatment in this Easter anthem from Go Fish Kids Music.


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