10 Entrance Theme Songs That Didn’t Fit The Wrestler At All


Theme music is an integral part of presenting a superstar, and the right theme music can help catapult a wrestler to superstardom. But what about the other end of the spectrum?

The musical themes of some wrestlers are perfectly suited to them. Stone Cold is synonymous with its breaking glass theme. Also, many WWE fans thought Triple H and Big Show sang their songs, and that’s because the lyrics and music felt like an extension of their personas.

However, this is the best case scenario. Sometimes the entrance music doesn’t match the wrestler, and it’s clunky or conveys the wrong message about the superstar. In these cases, the theme music becomes a drawback for the wrestlers to overcome instead of an asset to overcome them. So let’s go over a few wrestlers whose themes don’t match.

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ten Jon Moxley’s ‘Wild Thing’ AEW Theme Is Too Fun

Jon Moxley’s theme in AEW is Wild Thing. It’s very popular because it’s easily one of AEW’s most recognizable themes, and it’s just a really fun and distinct song. However, it doesn’t really fit Moxley’s character. Moxley’s character is about violence and cutting edge, and he’s supposed to be the epitome of bad ***. However, its entrance theme, Wild Thing, is neither violent nor angry. You don’t feel like someone dangerous has arrived when you hear his music. Instead, it looks fun, like the party has just begun, which presents Moxley more like a caricature of a badass.

9 Toni Storm’s AEW Theme Lacks Chaos

Toni Storm had an amazing theme when she was in NXT called Lightning Thunder. Everything about the song seemed tailor-made to fit not only Toni Storm, but also a wrestling entrance. Listening to the music alone, you can easily see through the progression of the song how Storm would fit into it. However, Storm’s new song, Watch What’s Next, takes a step back. It doesn’t sound like an awesome superstar theme that matches Storm perfectly. Sounds like a great song Toni uses for her entrance. It has the all-important distinctive first note, but the early vocals that follow aren’t loud enough to be Storm’s intro in all arenas.


8 Christian’s “Just Close Your Eyes” WWE Theme Didn’t Fit His Character

Christian’s theme, Just Close Your Eyes, has the critical punch you need in a theme song. However, the long notes that come right after reduce the energy of its entry a bit. Also, as a song, it really didn’t fit her character. Christian was either an arrogant jerk or a cool underdog. Christian had his homies, and he often pretended to be Captain Charisma, but that charisma was not present in his entrance. Christian’s swagger was not present in his entrance. If you’d never seen WWE and were to judge superstars by their entrance music, you’d probably pick up some underdog vibes, but you probably wouldn’t think he was supposed to be very cool.

seven Liv Morgan’s “Watch Me” Theme Has A Good Intro, But Is Otherwise Generic

Liv Morgan has had her theme changed several times. Her previous theme NaNa was the best version of the theme, and it had an interesting and distinctive start that always lets you know Morgan has arrived. Plus, the rest of the song progressed like it was an entrance theme for a pop star, and it was one of those themes that you could just listen to on your playlist. However, the next variation, Watch Me keeps the start distinctive, but then there are a bunch of fast party sounds that ruin the song. It sounds like the song itself is trying to rush through Morgan’s entrance.

6 Doudrop’s “I Do” Theme Doesn’t Look Intimidating

Doudrop’s theme, I Does it, isn’t exactly terrible. It looked like WWE was going for a song that was pop enough to serve its face with a threatening production to its heel and physique. However, WWE should look to stars like Samoa Joe and Big Show. Their WWE songs looked at their attitude as great tough wrestlers. Both songs were towering and distinctive, and fans loved them. Doudrop’s song should be the same. It should sound like a threat has arrived when his music hits, and I don’t.

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5 Shayna Baszler’s current remix of her NXT theme is awful

Shayna Baszler is one of WWE’s toughest women. She has legit combat experience and she’s a mean competitor. If you make the wrong call in a match with her, you could be on the shelf for a while. His entrance music should convey his aura of fear and brutality. Her former music, Loyalty is Everything made her distinctive and commanding, and it allowed her to show confidence in her entry. Plus, the track sounded like a fight night soundtrack. His new song sounds like a generic version of his old song – soulless and devoid of everything that made the original special.

4 Ricochet’s “It’s About To Go Down” Theme Is Too Soft

Ricochet is another superstar with a great theme that suits him perfectly, but it’s been changed. His old theme, One and Only, was strong and distinctive. It started with a loud voice saying one and only. The music sounded comic-inspired as if it featured either a hero or a spectacle or both. The new theme, It’s About To Go Down, is worse in every way. The one and only line is said to be softer. The whole song is softer, and there are random “yeses” despite the song’s lack of hype. Also, it feels like the song doesn’t know what it wants to say about Ricochet. It’s right there.

3 Sonya Deville’s Theme Song Doesn’t Fit Her Cowardly Character

Sonya Deville’s song Pride Fighter doesn’t suit her. It’s a rap song, and that’s good. It just doesn’t fit Sonya Deville. When you hear this song, you can hear it’s for a fierce competitor, someone who is hungry. The song’s thirst for success is manifested, but it does not appear in Sonya’s character. Sonya’s character is tough, in a way. She has a tough fighting style, but she can be cowardly at times. She is extremely smug and arrogant, but none of that is represented in her song. Stephanie McMahon also has a rap song as an entry. However, unlike Sonya Deville, Stephanie’s theme is completely in tune with her character.

2 Happy Corbin’s current theme is just plain boring

Baron Corbin has generally had good themes in his WWE career. His first song, “I Bring The Darkness”, was by far the best. It was a warrior song, and the angry lyrics and production fit his character perfectly. However, fast forward to Corbin’s Happy Corbin gimmick, and it has one of the worst themes in WWE today. It starts with slot machines. Looks like Corbin hit the jackpot, just like he did in Vegas. However, this was only applicable the night it happened. The song focuses on Corbin winning, but he’s no longer the guy who just made the big bucks. He’s a rich, arrogant jerk, and his song should reflect that. JBL is someone Happy Corbin should be looking to model the tone of his theme after.

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1 Peyton Royce’s Theme As WWE Singles Star Had No Character

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay had iconic music when they were together. However, when they controversially parted ways and Peyton Royce walked out on her own, things didn’t go well. One of the first signs that Peyton Royce’s string of singles wasn’t going well was the theme music. Peyton’s theme song, Honey, was one of the most generic theme songs WWE had ever featured. It didn’t tell the public anything about Peyton. WWE didn’t even feel like they tried, and it sounded like a character theme created by WWE 2k. Michael Cole said it best “Well, ladies and gentlemen, there’s nothing iconic about this entry.”


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