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Are Finances For Me?

  Chances are you’ve ever wondered: Are finances for me? Why should I know them? One answer would be that without exception all human beings, every day of our lives,

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Consumer credit: formulas and regulations in force

The consumption credit is intended for the purchase of current goods and equipment for non – professional use. Loan capital is generally lower than for a home loan. The Consumer

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Online Revolving Credit: Rate and Refund

Still called “revolving” despite the Lagarde law of 1 July 2010 “reforming consumer credit”, the revolving credit or the “reserve of money” represents a consumer loan out of five. Considered

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Bank mortgage loan guarantee

  Guarantees of a loan For a real estate loan Banks will demand a loan guarantee from the borrower in case of default by the borrower. The choice of the

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Profitability Is the Right Indicator to Measure Companies

  The measurement of business success is undoubtedly one of the topics that most interests employers and administrators, as through this you can determine whether the company is on track

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